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Long time no see ^^
This time I made several posters for new OTP, SudaMahhii ^^ though I'm sure everyone knew Suda already.
500 x 700 in res, made with photoshop 7.0, captions from CSJH The Grace and Flumpool's songs.
Click for bigger image (◉ω◉)

SudaMahhii - A Little Bit of Good

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tagged by makichan5, wwww, I'm so late orz I'm sorry but here we go, it's about me of course :D

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Kuroko no Basket x TeniMyu x D2

spent my freetime last week to this stupid work
just for fun okay? Because I wonder if this popular series will get a musical like other manga/anime [basketball has dear boys in previous project, iinm?]
including Tenimyu-2nd Season and some D2 oh how I wish Kenki in tenimyu, hehehe
and finally can added Kazumi in one of them.

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just want to say....

how are you everybody? :D

♥ from Nei who is on tumblr lately~

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star~

since today is kodomo no hi, chibikko day, children day in Japan, I want to post some of kiddo pic of my boys :D very random, based on idea of Junjun post yesterday :3

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Undoukai 2012 Guide Book Fanmade

okay, I should get a life, but later. Now I want to share something :D
Maybe you guys already knew about Tenimyu 2nd Season Undoukai, May 13, which included SIX team (except Kinari Hirano) from Fudomine, HERE. Then, being silly as always, I made a guide book for this event, maybe this will help anyone deciding which team should they cheer~
sadly, I have to watermark-ed this fanmade because well, this is just fanmade, okay? And the goods are not the real goods. That's my works. LMAO. (I tried my best not to stain the face of our pretty boys with the watermark:D) Don't take it too serious and just for fun, forgive my creepy skill and crap idea of this. ^^;;

of course, credit to the awesome amyused and amamiyarin
feel free to brick me, you two.


Finally, MAQL...

please welcome our Rikkai

so excited to see their close up and interview.
and this...

ALL MY FEELINGS. GUYS. *SOBS* but I'll looking forward to see you on the various project. And Yuuki, stay awesome with upcoming Seigaku cast :) I hope we get the chance to see Tsune vs Yuuki in Hyoutei national match.

Hyoutei and Tomorun (^___^)

first.... ★☆ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ★☆ for my lovely, lovely, lovely, bunny teeth cutie, Akazawa Tomoru who turns 22th today, March 14 2012.


日はお誕生日おめでとうございます!おれ も わくわくだ!!! ♥

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[Wallpaper] Gokaiger Part II

I feel like spamming my f-list this day ^^;; don't mind me okay? *bricked*
I made some wallpapers from amamiyarin's Gokai Photo Album (and Hero Vision scans as well, I don't really remember, volume 43th maybe? ORZ)

res. : 1280 x 720 pixels


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[Wallpaper] Hyoutei again~

since today is dearest amamiyarin's birthday, I wanna share some graphics made by her scans. (and some pic from Hyoutei pamphlet that tsubasa_niji gave me months ago ^___^)

res: 1280 x 720

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